I can’t sleep tonight
Wide awake and so confused
Everything’s in line
But I am bruised
I need a voice to echo
I need a light to take me home
I kinda need a hero
Is it you?

I never see the forest for the trees
I could really use your melody
Baby I’m a little blind
I think it’s time for you to find me

Can you be my nightingale?
Sing to me
I know you’re there
You could be my sanity
But bring me peace
Sing me to sleep
Say you’ll be my nightingale

Somebody speak to me
Cause I’m feeling like hell
Need you to answer me
I’m overwhelmed
I need a voice to echo
I need a light to take me home
I need a star to follow
I don’t know

I never see the forest for the trees
I could really use your melody
Baby I’m a little blind
I think it’s time for you to find me

Can you be my nightingale?
Sing to me
I know you’re there
You could be my sanity
But bring me peace
Sing me to sleep
Say you’ll be my nightingale

I don’t know what I’d do without you
Your words are like a whisper cutting through
As long as you are with me here tonight
I’m good

Can you be my nightingale?
Feels so close
I know you’re there
Oh, nightingale
You sing to me
I know you’re there
‘Cause baby you’re my sanity
You bring me peace
Sing me to sleep
Say you’ll be my nightingale

Mm, mm



Kuwait’s special dishes

Kuwait is located in the middle east where there specialty are foods which are sweet and spicy. like every country they also have there special dishes which makes them unique.

Here are some special dishes known :


2. Hammus and Falafel

3. Shwarma


5. Sweets with a variety of nuts


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Beautiful sceneries that reminds me of my CHILDHOOD

Growing up in a country you thought you’ll be staying until the day of graduation.The time where we get to know a lot about the world, where we are ready to leave the place and find new adventure, new things.

But as time went by I was in high school where my parents said we wee moving to a new country. I never thought that day would come so fast. was I supposed to be happy for new adventures or sad because we are leaving the place I was not ready of letting go ..

As time pasted by I was used to the new surroundings new culture, tradition, food and even people. Being comfortable in a new pace I forgot how the other one looks like.

As knowing we were going back was great I felt all the emotions and memories I had the country I have left changed and evolved a lot not knowing the directions by heart anymore is weird but once going to the place with lots of memories having fun flashbacks is so heart warming to seat back and reflect knowing I too have changed since the day I moved.


Lots of things always change in our lives it may be people, places,things or even food but in every change the memory that we have will always be in our hearts it my change but the feeling will stay the same forever.

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Common FILIPINO words..


Gunita- a memory or recollection of something

(“Isang araw,” gunita niya, “tinipon ko ang lahat ng gamit ko may kaugnayan sa espiritismo sa harap ng aking bahay, sinunggaban ko ang isang palakol, at tinadtad ko ang mga ito nang pino.”)


Harana – is known as the act of wooing somebody by serenading him or her

(Uso pa ba ang harana? Marahil ikaw ay nagtataka
Sino ba ‘tong mukhang gago, nagkandarapa sa pagkanta…
at nasisintunado sa kaba. Meron pang dalang mga rosas
Suot nama’y maong na kupas at nariyan pa ang barkada…)

Placeholder ImageBughaw- is known as the color blue

(Bakit bughaw ang langit?)

Muni-muni – is known as a person thinks deeply of something or ponder on it

(Sa ganitong pag-eebanghelyo ay nagkakaroon ng pagtutulungan ang katarungan at lumay, ng pagmumuni-muni at pagmamalasakit para sa iba.)


Takipsilim- known as twilight or dusk

(Ang gandang takipsilim, hindi ba?)


Balintaw- the pupil of the eye

(Ang malinaw na bahagi ng mata (ang kornea) na tumatakip sa balintataw ay kailangang bantayan at ingatan, dahil kung masugatan ang bahaging ito dahil sa pinsala o lumabo dahil sa sakit, maaaring ang resulta ay diperensiya sa paningin o pagkabulag.)


Habilin -anyting given to someone for safe keeping

(huling habilin testamento ni Juan bag smalls papuntang us)

o-selena-gomez-instagram-facebookmakisig – dashing well dressed or gorgeous

(Makikisig ang mga babae sa isang handaan )


Gigil- uncontrollable urge to pinch or squeeze someone

(Nanggigigil ako sa baby! Ang cute-cute niya kasi)

ws_freedom_1920x1200Alpas-to break lose or become free form something

(Naka-alpas ang bilanggo)

A New Chapter

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A new year has already started and that means another year to turn younger (charr lang ) ahaha.. I have experience a lot of thing through my 17 years of living knowing new things day by day. Having new adventures and meeting new friends. and with that moments I have been through I had my ups and downs ..but that did not stop me from living my life in the happiest way I can live it. celebrating 18 years of living would be different and frightening I remembered when I was young I wanted to grow up fast I wanted time to go quick to reach the day I could do what I want  but now it went the other way around I want time to slow down and live my life .. Nevertheless this year before turning 18 my wish is to travel to new places, meet new people, be closer to God, improve my confidence  and know my self better and I think I have achieve all of it and I’m proud of what I have achieved before turning 18. I hope to have more adventures,journey, laughter and joy in the coming years of turning “younger”.



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Soo… It’s my first fun run here in manila quezon city, I was so excited to do this whole new experience with my friends.Tho this may be just for a project I never expected to enjoy that day a lot.The whole day was just so productive to say the least.Waking up 3 in the morning, running 5 laps around the Quezon City circle starting at 5 till 7 . Walked and commuted alot,Went back and forth because we had an unplanned outing but the funny thing is we spend alot to get somewhere but the place where we just ended up in was at Mcdonalds ahaha.. (gained all that weight back after that run/walk ahaha) went to a friends house where we laughed all day even slept for a bit because we were all so exhausted ahaha.. But even tho we were all so tired,We had a blast spending the time with each other.

Trip To Kuwait

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Scrolling through my hard drive and finding some pictures from the last trip to Kuwait,And remembering the hardest part of the trip is sitting on the plane for 12-13 hrs up in the air is a nightmare  you can’t do much in 12-13 hrs on a plane except  sleep your way through it. As landing down with joy and excitement in my face I forgot how cold it was in that time of the month.As walking to immigration area I was freezing my butt of even tho I had a jacket and all. Even tho I grew up in that country a lot have changed since the last time we were there.Lots of new roads, places,stores like I dint recognized it anymore.But I was so glad to see all the new things it had offer and the funny thing is we made our parents tour us again throughout the whole city like we never been there before (ahahah) it became a memorable experience for me again. Getting to know the new and improved city I love.BUT THE FOOD omg so many dishes I missed eating which made me gain a lot that month ahaha .

Seeing all the pictures and remembering all the fun days made me feel sad because I just remembered  we won’t be going back in a while, But I am happy and blessed to now have two homes, two families who I love and cherish very much. I may not be in the country where  I have grew up in like almost my whole life but now I have a new home,a new journey to begin with my second family that I have got with me by myside. every awakening day of my life.

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